Critical Connections

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Data analysis for
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Dr Jennifer Badham is the Director of Critical Connections. She has had over 20 years experience providing policy analysis for government and nongovernment organisations, primarily in complex health issues. This experience includes 10 years working in senior government roles that mix technical and policy activities.

Dr Badham is also an academic researcher, with a particular interest in the impact of social structure on epidemic behaviour, opinion shaping and other dynamic social processes. She is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Social Simulation (University of Surrey, UK), working on simulations of human behaviour and social networks. She is also interested in the ways in which models can be used in policy development, both as communication tools and to more directly support decision makers comparing policy options.



PhD (Complex system modelling)
Thesis title: Role of social network properties on
the impact of direct contact epidemics
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
GradDip in Operations Research and Statistics International Network for Social Network Analysis
Bachelor of Arts - sociology / philosophy
Master of Legal Studies (Public Law) British Sociological Association
Bachelor of Science - mathematics