Critical Connections

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Data analysis for
better decisions

Recent and current consultancy projects

  • Data analysis for evaluation of the Coordinated Veterans' Care program (Dept of Veterans' Affairs)
  • Development of Hospital Casemix Protocol summary tool (Dept of Health and Ageing)
  • Analysis of Hospital Casemix Protocol data (National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission)
  • Design advice about private health insurance models (Dept of Health and Ageing)
  • System dynamics models about cannabis diversion programs (Drug Policy Modelling Program)
  • Data analysis for Professional Services Review

Major previous projects

Before consulting, Dr Badham was employed in various positions with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and as Director, Policy and Research of the Australian Private Hospitals Associations. Major projects during that employment include:

  • Manage development of electronic medication records (MediConnect), including legislative and policy development, and oversight of information technology development
  • Policy analysis on a range of health financing issues, particularly on changes to private health insurance arrangements
  • Commonwealth ban of tobacco advertising (sports sponsorship, outdoor advertising)