Critical Connections

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Data analysis for
better decisions

Critical Connections is on something of a hiatus at the moment, as Dr Badham pursues research full time. However, please email if you have a small piece of work.

We use data analysis and specialised methods such as network science to assist with decisions about complex problems.

There are many aspects to data analysis including: collecting and processing new data; extracting key information from existing datasets in your organisation or publicly available data from organisations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics; and presenting data so as to highlight key relationships. Critical Connections is able to assist with all these tasks as well as perform more advanced statistical techniques.

System dynamics and agent-based modelling are tools for WHAT IF? analysis. They are particularly suited to understanding situations where changes and decisions in one part of the system influence other parts. These models use specialised software, but Critical Connections is able to build interfaces and provide training so you can operate the models and learn through trying out different policy options.

Talk to us about your needs. We are also able to assist with decision trees, causal diagrams, social network analysis, data mining, evolutionary computing and many other analysis techniques.